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Drone Help From Professionals


Get the help you need to fly your drone today and most importantly fly safe and within the law. Prices and info below are for all DJI Phantom models and Inspire drones, call for details if you own another brand of drone.

All education is done in person by the owner of Exeter Hobbies, Mark Hull. Mark Hull also owns and operates All Drone Solutions, the valley's premier drone service provider who offers agriculture mapping, survey operations, environmental mapping, inspection services and is responsible for the drone sales and training of the Tulare County Sheriff and Exeter Police Departments.

Call Today to learn more and make a reservation. Fly Safe....Educate Yourself First...Enjoy longer...Save Money...


Update and Set-Up ($50): Let us update your drone, batteries, remote and phone/tablet to the very latest firmware. Includes 15 minute introduction to the app and confirmation the drone flies properly with all your equipment. A brief explanation of the current laws laid out by FAA. 10% off all DJI accessories including cases, batteries and more.

Update, Ap Introduction and Test Flight ($80): All of the services mentioned above but with a 15 minute introduction to the DJI Go app and a single battery flight outside our shop. Flight will cover the basic safety tips and we will go over features and suggestions that may fit your specific needs or use.

Personal Flight Instructions ($150): All of the services mentioned above but we dive deeper into the DJI Go app and cover current drone laws, more safety tips and we fly two batteries (if customer owns 2) at a private field near our shop. We cover all basic and some complex features of the app and drone functionality. Customer will also have the opportunity to fly their drone with our instruction. We will answer specific questions you may have about your drone, flying or anything else.

Drone 101 Class ($100 per person) : All of the services mentioned above but expanded even further over a 4 hours class both in our shop and outside at a private flying field. We will cover the laws in more depth, we will cover commercial use of drones and how you can make money flying your drone. We will cover the basics of aerial photography and video production. Individual flying will be available so you leave knowing how to fly and operate your drone in a safe manner and be comfortable in all the abilities of your machine. Dates and more info coming soon, spaces limited so please call NOW if your interested to SAVE YOUR SPOT - 559-592-4883


Custom options available, call and lets talk...




2 Comments on “Get Help with your Drone

  1. Mark,

    I think this is a great initiative for helping out people who want to learn how to use a DJI drone and I think your pricing is reasonable as well.

    Do you have an online version of it where people can subscribe and buy (if possible)?

    • Hello and thank you. We do not participate in any social media when it comes to our training but our drone service company All Drone Solutions is on facebook and twitter. We currently do not sell online either.