Want to see a portion of what we carry in the store? Want to see all the product we don't have room to display? Then click on the logo above and head over to our parent company TGN. See thousands of products from the popular 1/10 scales to the large 1/5 scale products TGN is so well known for and the ever so popular scale crawling parts. These can be picked up at our store or purchased online and ALL ORDERS get FREE SHIPPING!


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    • Hello

      No we do not sell those. We would categorize that as a “toy” and we do not sell many toys. Only small toys for very young children, like their first Rc type stuff.

      I would check toys r us or Walmart maybe?

      Or consider a hobby grade RC that you can fix and modify when your ready. And even drive it on our indoor track!
      Good luck.

    • Hello

      No we do not stock models of that type but I am sure we could order one if your interested. If your local just come on in and we can look into whats available.

    • Hello. No we do not. I am sure we could get them if your interested but you would have to come in and talk with our team and leave a deposit. Sorry I did not have a better answer for ya.

    • Hello. Sorry for delay. It really depends on what all you want to do and what your budget is. There are options from about $100 on up to several hundred. It is best you call or come in and we can ask you enough questions to figure out what is best for you. Ask for Kenny, 559-592-4883

    • Hello. We do not stock those but we do stock the ECX versions though. We could order you one if you wanted. Give us a call at 559-592-4883.

  1. do you have a servo,motor,battary,charger,radio for my new boom racing t815 full metal 1/10 scale off road military truck

    • Hello. Yes I am sure we have what you need here in the store. Come on in and bring your truck, we may need to see it to best fit the motors and electronics.

      Open 7 days a week.

      • Yes but we only have the one with sound right now. It’s $489.99. We can get the standard one in stock in 2 days if you would like us to order one. Call us at 559-592-4883

  2. Do you sell ramps and obstacles for making a track for a Traxxas Slash or Losi TEN-SCTE truck. If so how much would those cost on average? Thanks.

    • Yes we do, we just got a new shipment in, prices range from small keychains to large $50 models. We also have a few Sweets shirts in stock.

      We will have an order from Kendama USA next week.

      Hope to see you soon.

  3. have a Traxxas Blast boat, upgraded motor to VXl, have broke a joint on out drive. looking to switch to metal prop, so will need different shaft, also need trim tabs and to rig for lipo. do you carry and parts for boats? DO you have someone that can help me with install or can do it at shop?

    • Sorry for delay. We do not have any boats in stock yet but we will soon. Come on by the shop and see our team, they will be here to help.

    • We do not stock that model but we can match internet pricing and order it and have it in a couple days. Call or come on in 7 days a week 10-5. 559-592-4883

    • Yeah we have a full line of RC tractors. We
      Just ordered more today too!

      I can’t post a picture here but you can see them about 5-6 post back on our Facebook page. Or come see us 10-5 Monday – Friday.

    • Hello. We do not have one in stock but we can always order it if you would like one. You would have to come in and leave a deposit. We can match online prices if you find something you like.

    • We no longer have club racing at our shop. And we have never allowed Nitro, because we are all indoor with limited ventilation. Sorry.

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