Exeter Raceway & Hobbies Race Party Details -

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Basic Package Starts at only $150

Some party Details:

  • Rental Race Trucks included in all packages (4-6 depending on which package your choose. You can add trucks for an additional cost. Participants are allowed to bring their own trucks at their own risks.

  • Trucks will be available for a 2 hours period with a minimum of 2-3 short breaks for battery replacement and track maintenance.

  • No guest limit - Batteries last 40-60 minute each so plan accordingly if you have more than 4 guests interested in driving the trucks. Consider a time slot for each group of kids.

  • It's rare the trucks become damaged but when they do there is no charge but there may be some down time for the repair.

  • Party quest are welcome to come 30 minutes earlier and stay 30 minutes after for clean up but trucks are not available at this time.

  • Track is still open to public during your party unless you book an after hours party.

  • Chairs are available including bleachers for track side viewing.

  • No alcohol allowed unless you book an after hours party.

  • If you purchased the rental of our back party room, your welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks. Our Pizzas prices are hard to beat considering the quality of food and delivery service from VIP Pizza. No cooking allowed inside. We have room for food trucks and other vendors outside.

  • Custom catering is available from a great choice of local venues. See management for your options.

  • For After Hour Parties that are private in nature your welcome to bring your choice of  food and beverage and use our front table area next to the track since the facility is closed and for your use only.

  • Custom Invitations are available for an additional design fee of $25 and can then be printed using outside vendors.

Visalia Areas only indoor racing experience. Kids Birthday Parties, Private Corporate Parties or just a group a friends looking for some good wholesome entertainment. We can design your party to fit your needs, just give us a call.


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18 Comments on “Party Packages

    • We have had kids as young as 4-5yrs old but their ability to drive the cars around the track will depend on their coordination and experience with other RC’s. Normally kids at 6-7 do just fine with our trucks. If you curious, bring one of the kids in and we will let them try a truck out on the track.

  1. This I SawThisOnFacebook, I would LikE To Race A Truck, I Am Not A Graduate.. I Would Like More Info On This Plz

  2. I have a 1/8 Team Associated RC8.2e buggy, and I am wondering if I can race it on your track, or is it too big.

    • We do not allow 1/8 cars on our track. Our track is just too small and the big fast car damage the track and pipping. Sorry for that but if your ready to sell your 1/8 and pick up a 1/10 we are here to help.

    • The amount of children does not change the price. We have a limit of 5 trucks at a time, so you would have to work with the kids to make sure everyone get a fair time with the trucks. Most parties will use the trucks 3-4 batteries which last 15-20 minutes each. So you could just allow 5 to run till the batteries go out and then swap kids. Or however you feel would work best for your group.

      We look forward to seeing you at our facility. You can get more info here: https://exeterhobbies.com/party-packages/ or contact us at 559-592-4883

  3. Recently we had our son’s 5th birthday party here and it was a HUGE hit!! He only had a few of his friends from school come, so the majority of our guests were family between the ages of 3 and 60…and everyone was impressed and had an amazing time. My cousins husband even bought a R/C Car because he had so much fun. My oldest son has already asked if we could have his party there in May and there was no hesitation. It’s a great place to bond with your family and I will continue to recommend it.

    • Hello and thank you for this nice comment. We hope your ok with it but I will post this on our Facebook page so our fans can see how much fun our parties can be.

      We look forward to having you guys back to the shop! Thanks again!

  4. Quick question. Are the game tables actually in the party room? I just booked a party with you guys and didn’t get a chance to look.

    • Yes they are. So they are just for your party room. You can look at the site or come in if you want to get ideas how to set up the room or decorate etc. looking forward to having you here!

    • Hello

      We have had very young birthday parties here but often if they are under 7-8 it’s the parents driving the kids just running around and helping the parents drive or rescue their cars. But to answer directly, no most 3 year old or even 5 year olds can’t really drive the RC cars well around our track.

      Hope that helps.

  5. I have a redcat blackout xte 1/10 scale that needs a motor put on i have the motor but how much would u charge to put it on

    • It could be less than $25, it just depends on what all is involved. Bring it in or maybe call on Friday and ask for Ben if you want a more detailed explanation of possible costs. 559-592-4880