Toys For Tots Race – Nov 15th


Exeter Hobbies Toys For Tots Race  Dec 15th 


We welcome racers from all over to come join in on the fun and help us raise money for the Marines Toys For Tots Foundation. All while racing radio control on our indoor track! We are buying the pizza, come on out!

100% of the proceedes will be given to the Toys For Tots. We are asking for a TOY and a $10 entry fee. This way we do not have to police the value of the toys and we can then donate the funds to Toys For Tots so they can by more toys from their sources.

Please call with any questions or for more info. 559-592-4883

We hope to see hobby fans from Visalia, Tulare, Lemoore, Handford, Tulare, Fresno Area, Bakersfield, Madera and so many other central california locations. Our last event have over 100 entries! Lets see what we can raise for Toys For Tots


 See all the images from the days event by clicking HERE!



13.5 Buggy

1. Brandon Turner
2. Chris Watson

3. David Souza

4. Ryan George

5. Seth Mclain

6.Mike Phillips

7.James Smith

8.Brian Boudakian

17.5 Buggy

1.Chris Scarbrough

2.Chris Holdridge

3.Steve Tamayo

4.Shad Neufield

Sportsman 4x4 SCT

1. Ed Turney

2. Chris Silva

3.Rick Schowengerat

4.Paul Coe

5.Frankie Lomonaco

6.Chance Short

7.Jesus Gonzales

Pro 4x4 SCT 

1. David Lastra

2. Jody Berna

3. Jason Clark

Sportsman 2wd SCT

1.Ed Turney

2.Daniel Souza

2. Paul Coe

4.Steve Tamayo

5.Chandler Donovan

Pro 2wd SCT

1.Brandon Turner

2.Ryan George

3.Chris Scarbrough

4.Abraham Solis

5.Mike Phillips




5 Comments on “Toys For Tots Race – Nov 15th

      • We want to try to do 3 and a main. Turnout will determine what we do. We have heard from many that there are holiday parties to attend this weekend so we want to make sure to get people out on time for any dinner plans.

  1. Great… I love the current layout and was hoping it hadn’t been changed.

    Garrett and I will be there for some Sportsman 4wd.

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