Track Use Fee Changing 02-01-2014

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 Track Use Fee Changing 02-01-2014

Exeter Hobbies has been operating a full service hobby store and raceway now for 2 years. For those 2 years we have charged a nominal $5 fee for all day use of our entire facility. After careful consideration we have decided we must raise the one day use fee to $10. We believe that most customers can see the value in Tulare Counties only Indoor Professional R/C Race Track. With these changes comes more effort on our part to make our track even better!  We are going to increase our attention on daily track maintenance and general cleanliness and continue to make changes and improvements throughout the year.

We are also going to offer TWO cost effective solutions to track use. Discount cards and Monthly Memberships. Discount cards will be available soon that allow you to purchase 5 Track Use Days for only $35. Thats an increase of only $2 a day compared to older rates.

Monthly Memberships will be available soon as well, Standard Membership will be $30 a month for complete unlimited use of our track including the rock crawling course. This will be a smart option for those using our track 3 or more times a month.

A VIP membership will be available for $40 a month and this gives you unlimited track use for practice and also gets you $5 off each class entry on club race days. So Practice twice and race two cars two times and its PAID for!

Exeter Hobbies and our entire staff would like to thank you all for your support over the last two years. We really do appreciate you all and we thank you for your excitement and devotion to our awesome hobby. We hope our racers find these options worth considering and we look forward to our best year ever in 2014!

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