Ways to save $$$$ at Exeter Hobbies Raceway

Discount Options Track Use


Indoor Radio Control Racing in Tulare County - Save Cash!


Exeter Hobbies & Raceway is open 7 Days a Week for shopping and racing. Our track is open from 8am-6:30 M-F and Sat & Sun 10-5. Track use for all day is $10 and includes full access to the track, driver stand, pit tables, set-Up Station and Tire Cleaning area, power strips and the rock crawling course. Our facility when needed is swamp cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.

There are several discount option to help those racers interested in saving money and I will try to explain them below. They range from Frequent racer cards to VIP passes that can save current racers a LOT of money every month.

Frequent Racer Cards - Pick up this card and get it stamped out 5 times and your 6th visit is FREE! Bringing you per visit cost to $8.33 each day.

Bulk Discount Cards - Buy 5 day passes at once for $35 and now your only pay $7 per each day used.

Monthly Membership - Buy these cards for $30 an get 30 days of unlimited track and facility use for one low price of $1 per day.

VIP Monthly Membership - This is the "Racers" Card, spend $40 for a 30 day period and get full unlimited access to the track and facility but also get $5 off each and every club race entry fee here at Exeter Hobbies. This means if you race 2 classes that's $10 off per race or $15 off if you race 3 classes!

Guys, this boils down to some great money saving options and we hope many of you will take advantage of them in some way. The way I look at it is for you frequent racers, if you practice 2 times a month and entered two classes twice a month you will already have the VIP card paid for, plus you can now come in and run just a battery or two after work and it costs you NOTHING.

For those who use our track less often there are several other options that should bring your cost down and still make our facility affordable for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions.